• In order to prevent escalation of equine flu, stricter and new rules for biosecurity was implemented following the six-day ban on British racing which was lifted last February 13. The news cause some serious talks from horse trainers who'll have runners at the Cheltenham Gold Cup.


    The declared measures will consist of a declaration form as verification that a temperature check has been accomplished and that the runners exhibit zero symptoms of the disease. Also, a horse passport certifying that vaccination has been accomplished in the past six months is likewise required. Such requirements need to be presented to allow runners to be cleared at a racecourse. Also, the announced guidelines will be enforced for several weeks, which can cause acceptable interruption.

    The British Horseracing Authority (BHA) declared that there was zero remorse with regards to the six-day lockdown, even after admitting that the sport already lost millions of pounds over the turmoil. BHA chief executive Nick Rust likewise mentioned that the suspension was needed to fully figure out the problem, addressing various criticisms of trainers.


    The BHA has also taken actions to support trainers in preparing their horses for the Cheltenham Festival and Aintree Festival. These included the rescheduling of various major fixtures that were previously interrupted. Rescheduled races run on Feb 15 (Friday) and Feb 16 (Saturday).


    This Cheltenham racing news was first published on https://www.telegraph.co.uk/racing/2019/02/12/grand-national-cheltenham-festival-will-disrupted-equine-flu/. Just click this link for further details.


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